Back in June, Jurassic World surprised us all as it took the opening box office throne when the film stormed in at $208 million, which pasted the previous holder that was The Avengers. As a fun little thing, Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige, released a image on his twitter page with a T-Rex holding Mjolnir and Chris Pratt riding the dinosaur.


Now as we have all being watching, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been steamrolling through records and has now taken the crown and throne from Jurassic World. The Force Awakens grossed $238 million domesticly over the weekend, force chocking Jurassic World off the top.

Before the numbers came in, Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall got a bit carried away and talked a little smack to George Lucas which created one of the best videos of Lucas to date. Now It’s Marhsall who tweeted out a new pic of a T-Rex giving the medallion to BB-8, while thanking the folks over at Disney and LucasFilm, another fun little image that you can check down below,  and the confrontation with him and Lucas as well.