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Variety recently did an article on Bill Crystal who has just been added to a new animated movie project by the Jim Henson Company called “Which Witch,” as a writer, producer and star of the film.

At the very end of the article, Variety mentioned that the Jim Henson Company are currently working on a “Fraggle Rock” film, which was a very popular live-action children’s television show in the 80’s, as well as sequels to two popular 80’s films “Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.”

I’m usually against sequels of films after 20 years but I’m all for these sequels and a “Fraggle Rock” film, simply because the Jim Henson Company really does care about Jim Henson’s legacy and they always put out great work. I would hope that David Bowie will reprise his role for “Labyrinth” as the Goblin King.


You can go to Variety to read more info about Bill Crystal joining the “Which Witch” movie.