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Jim Carrey Taking Fire from Gun Enthusiasts

Lonesome Earl 3  Charlton Heston

True to form, actor/comedian Jim Carrey is not hesitant about tackling the hot issue of gun control by lampooning the late Charlton Heston in his new “Funny or Die” comedy skit.  All of this, while performing on a mockup set making fun of the highly popular “Hee-Haw” show. Carrey is classic as he never breaks character while portraying Heston, Lonesome Earl, and Clearly Sam Elliot.  Now, Carrey has stirred the pot and gotten the attention for his brand of satire not all of which is positive.

This morning, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham criticized Carrey’s parody on Fox & Friends, saying it was “embarrassing” and indicative of Carrey’s “cold, dead career.” And, she said, “Ha ha ha. Make fun of a dead guy who can’t respond.”

“It’s just not funny,” said host Steve Doocy.

On Monday evening, Greg Gutfield, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, called Carrey a “sad little freak” and “the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth.”

Carrey was happy about the controversy, tweeting: “Thx 4 your input 2day. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so despised and so free at the same time.”

In character as Sam Elliot, Carrey states that the whole skit is a “biting social satire.” Something the different shows’ hosts failed to pick up on.  Quick to blame, instead of playing along, the Fox hosts were more than likely feeling the pressure from their executive bosses.

Examining the skit, Carrey as Heston takes the character in a different direction as having dementia and spouting the importance of patriots answering the call to freedom against an impending alien threat.  The show’s host then introduces musical guest “Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters.” Carrey as Lonesome Earl sings the song “Cold Dead Hand,” which blatantly makes fun of Heston (and gun owners) exploiting the popular belief that men who have guns must make up for what little they have in genitalia.  Included among the Clutterbusters are: Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, and a lovely background blonde in Daisy Dukes who may or may not be Playboy Centerfold Dorothy Stratten.  All of these historical figures were victims of gun violence.

The song itself is a catchy, uncomplicated country tune that is reminiscence of “The Folksmen” song, “Old Joe’s Place” from the mockumentary film “A Mighty Wind.”  Follow the link, and take it with a grain of salt!


The “Cold Dead Hand” song is available for purchase on iTunes.

Source: cbsnews