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It sounds like Jesse Eisenberg may not be reprising his role as Lex Luther in the Justice League movie which starts production in a few weeks.  We’re not sure if he’s being shy about it but this is what he had to say to Business Insider when asked about his involvement with the film:

“I don’t know if they are so settled on where my character goes, I only hope I have another opportunity to work with these wonderful people and play this interesting character.”

In Batman V Superman, Lex Luthor was imprisoned for bringing Doomsday to life and his role in destroying Metropolis yet again.  The end of the movie refers to Lex Luthor having something to do with the villain, Darkseid; calling upon him to take advantage of Earth now that Superman is dead.

Considering production is starting in a few weeks for Justice League, it may be certain that Jesse Eisenberg may not be returning (if he really doesn’t know) but, only time will tell.  Justice League: Part One arrives in theaters on November 17, 2016.

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Source: /Film