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Jaybird Tarah: The Best Beat For Your Buck

In a world that has seemingly limitless options for wireless earbuds, it may seem cumbersome to nail down the right pick for you. With varying price points and different sound preferences, it stands to reason why the market is so saturated with these nifty devices.

Enter the Jaybird Tarah a headphone set that really is a “jack” of all trades. (that’s for you iphone users).

Jaybird was gracious enough to send us out these headphones for review in the idea that we as gamers can find tremendous use out of these headphones. And we did. Like a lot.

My favorite feature of about these headphones is that not only are they wireless, but they are also waterproof. This may not seem like much, but at their competitive price of $79.99, seems awfully compelling over the Bose counterpart of $149.99.

These headphones were built to last. I put them through the ringer. You name it, jogging, swimming, showering (no the shampoo did not ruin the headphones), gaming… you name it, it excelled. All of this with direct access to your music and Spotify playlists.

At first there was an awful “tinny” like sound to them and I thought these headphones were a bust, but I simply downloaded the Jaybird headphone companion app, and set my music preferences to my liking and the sound was crystal clear. No, these don’t have the amazing noise cancellation like more expensive headphones. However, with a myriad of different sizes of silicone like earbuds for your ears comfort, encapsulating your ear from the outside world is a solid enough solution.

Now onto the gaming portion. While out of the box they do not connect to your favorite controller or game console, they do have the option to connect to wireless headphone adapters. This really seals the deal, the comfortably and benefits of free range of motion during your Smash Bros. session, or perhaps your final Halo 5 match, is just to good to pass up.

The battery life is simply amazing as well. I put them on everyday for at least an hour and still haven’t needed to charge them at all. They are just simply reliable.

In conclusion these headphones really do live up to the $80 price tag. Not only do they take a beating, but with some proper tweaking through the mobile app, and getting your set up just right, these headphones are a very worthy purchase for anyone wanting a little more freedom from the cord. While I can see why someone would pass these headphones up for something a little more pricey, for the noise cancellation I still would recommend these headphones to anyone.

Nuke The Fridge Score: 9/10