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Japanese Horror Artist Junji Ito was working with Silent Hills

Silent Hills was set to be the ultimate horror game from the minds of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, but sadly due to a souring relationship between Konami and Hideo Kojima, the project was eventually canceled, and the demo removed from the PlayStation Network forever lost(unless you still have it saved on your hard drive).

It may be adding salt to the wound for those who were really looking forward to the project, but looks like Kojima and Del Toro had something else planned for the series as popular Japanese horror artists Junji Ito was working collaborating on the project possibly set to work on a manga for the game, which we may now never see.

The collaboration was revealed on Guillermo del Toro’s twitter page, where he posted some images of previous works done by Ito and says that both himself and Kojima are fans. Ito later revealed on Twitter that he was involved with the project and sat in a few meetings with Kojima and del Toro, but was never great in meetings and never ended up saying much.


I’m not well-versed when it comes to video games, and I wasn’t very confident on whether I’d be able to contribute much for such a big title as Silent Hill, but Hideo Kojima and del Toro have nothing but my gratitude for having called me [for this project],” tweeted Ito.

Of course never say never, while Konami owns the rights to the ‘Silent Hills’ name, Kojima isn’t the type of person to give up. While we wait to see what’s next for the man that brought us Metal Gear, Snatcher, Zone of the Enders and what could be the scariest demo ever with P.T., we can imagine he will continue work on the project in the future under a new title.