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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Now before this year ends & everyone gets “smashed”, we would like to show you something pretty awesome. Director James Gunn who is directing Guardians of the Galaxy posted on his Twitter the first look at the superhero team. Take a look & I’ll give a brief rundown of the gang.


Now this image may look really familiar, as it’s pretty much taken from the concept art that Marvel first released from the film.

Now introducing the team…


First off, we have Gamora played by Zoe Saldana. Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos & the last of her kind. She’s known as the most dangerous woman in the universe. Her powers include superhuman strength & agility as well as a rapid healing factor.

star lord

Next is Star-Lord aka Peter Quill played by Chris Pratt. He is the son of a human mother & an alien father. Star-Lord is a master strategist & an expert in close quater combat. His suit gives him superhuman strength, durability, & the ability to travel through space. He uses a weapon called the “element gun,” which is capable of projecting one of four elements. Star Lord also shares a psychic link with his spaceship.


This furry little creature is known as Rocket Raccoon who is voiced by Bradley Cooper. He may be the smallest of the team but don’t let his furriness or size fool you. This wise-cracking “Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant” is a master tactician & an expert marksman. He also is pretty much second in command when Star Lord is nowhere to be found.



This bulky green alien is known as Drax the Destroyer aka Arthur Douglas who is played by former WWE wrestler, Dave Bautista. Arthur Douglas was a human whose family was killed by Thanos. Needing a champion to combat Thanos, the father of Thanos, Mentor & Titan god Kronos, capture Douglas’ spirit & place it into a new powerful body. He then is known as Drax the Destroyer. His abilites include superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, & energy blasts. He’s highly skilled with knives/swords & can sense the presence of Thanos.


Last but not least, we have the giant walking tree-like Groot who will be voiced by Vin Diesel. Funny thing about that is, he only says one phrase which is “I am Groot.” Easy enough. He’s a bit like the Hulk of the team. He originally was an alien plant monster which came to Earth looking for humans to capture & study. Groot can absorb wood as food, with the ability to rebuild himself. He also has enhanced strength, can control trees using them to attack, & is resistant to fire. He even has a genius-level intellect.

So what do you guys think of the team? This pic makes me pretty excited for the upcoming film which will be in theaters August 1, 2014.

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