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Jade's art from MORTAL KOMBAT 11.

Jade makes her return in Mortal Kombat 11

Once relegated to a Kitana palette swap, the jade Ninja is returning to carve out her own space in the Mortal Kombat franchise – redesign included.

Judging from her new digs, it’s clear NetherRealm Studios is toning down some disproportionate choices from the past. Gone are the days of Jade’s lace-knit spandex and thigh-high boots, which have now been replaced by golden tactical armor, belts, and a sick cape. I am a cape apologist, and I will not apologize because jeez that’s one sick cape.

Her return from the dead means her skin is now a rotten blush of jade – a nice way to unify the character’s style.

It’s a refreshing choice for the fighting series, which historically prioritized senseless violence and sex appeal. Seems that NetherRealm is ready to move on – and Jade isn’t the only character to receive this overhaul. Sonya Blade and Skarlet’s new looks introduced more practical styles for the female mainstays of the series.

But while she’s sporting a more practical look this time around, there is no shortage of ways for Jade can send the MK crew to hell with her bo staff and triblades.

Her finisher is the staff of nightmares.

Jade’s return to the series marks 8 years since her last appearance in a mainline game (2011’s Mortal Kombat).

You can preorder Mortal Kombat 11 now for PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.