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Izneo Comic and Manga Reading App Coming To Nintendo Switch

Although the Switch has seen an objectively phenomenal start just 18 months prior, one has to look at how there are very few streaming applications on the platform. Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that the console aims to push more towards content than versatility so something like Netflix is not on their priority list. At the moment it seems we only have Hulu for streaming television and films but luckily we will soon be able to read manga and comics from the Switch as well thanks to Izneo.

Izneo is an application currently on smartphones and computers that offers a large catalog of comics and manga like Hellboy, My Hero Academia, and Naruto among hundreds of other series’.

Izneo plans to release this October on the Nintendo Switch eShop and with this release only time will tell until we see other streaming applications follow.