tomorrowland one sheetAt the in-home press event for Disney’s Tomorrowland, out Oct.13, I had the privilege to sit down with the young stars of the film, Raffey Cassidy (Athena) and Thomas Robinson (Young Frank). The two talked about what it was like working with George Clooney, how the atmosphere on the set was and Disneyland. Check out the interview below.

Chris “The Scoop” Salce: How fun was it for the both of you to be a part of this film, which is based on something that is such a huge part of Disneyland history?

Raffey Cassidy: It was amazing

Thomas Robinson: Yeah…

Raffey Cassidy: We got to do so much and were so much involved. We had a great time doing all that we got to do.

Thomas Robinson: Yeah and everyone involved in the movie was so nice.

Raffey Cassidy: Yeah it was like a big family.

Chris: How was it working with George Clooney? Did you develop the personality of the ‘Frank Walker’ with Clooney, since you played the younger version of him?

Thomas Robinson: I met him once and we talked for like two minutes (laughs) and he had to go film something.

Chris: How about you Raffey? You got to share a lot of screen time with Clooney.

Raffey Cassidy: He was really cool. He’s so nice, very inspirational and just a down to earth kind of person.

Chris: How was the atmosphere on the set like? Would you guys joke around a lot?

Thomas Robinson: It was really fun. I think on the first or second day of filming, we had to wait for the clouds to clear and all of the extras and everybody started dancing to ‘The Macarena.’ (Laughs).

Raffey Cassidy: (Laughs) Yeah that was fun.

Chris: (Laughs) Something to break the ice a little bit?

Raffey Cassidy: Yeah.

Chris: Since we are at Disneyland, have you had the chance to get on any rides? If so, what’s your favorite ride?

Raffey Cassidy: We did…

Thomas Robinson: Yeah, just right now before we came in here.

Chris: How was that?

Thomas Robinson: It was fun. We did Space Mountain. I haven’t really gotten on enough rides to know which is my favorite but Space Mountain was kind of cool.


Left: Thomas Robinson, Center: Chris Salce, Right: Raffey Cassidy

Raffey Cassidy: Yeah definitely. It’s like a fast roller coaster.

Chris: Is there any scenes in the film that you guys shot, where maybe the audience wouldn’t know exactly how it was filmed?

Raffey Cassidy: The lab scene was shot in the middle of the studio and you wouldn’t know it unless you saw it.

Chris: So what’s next for you guys? Do you have any projects in the works?

Thomas Robinson: Um…nothing acting wise. Just homework (laughs).

Raffey Cassidy: Same (laughs).

Chris: What would be your dream role?

Raffey Cassidy: I think I’d like to try a comedy but like an action-comedy. Yeah that would be fun.

Thomas Robinson: Yeah, I think an action comedy would be really fun because I really like doing the stunts and stuff and I think comedy seems so much fun to film and you can just have a ton of fun with them. That would be an amazing experience.

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