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Interview with Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels for DARRYL MAKES COMICS

Myself (Chris Salce) with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels promoted his new project, “Darryl Makes Comics.”  “Darryl Makes Comics” is an all-new publishing house which Darryl McDaniels also launched the first full-length graphic novel, “DMC” #1.

During Comic-Con, Darryl and I talked about putting an interview together to let all of you know what “DMC” is all about. Well, we just recently completed the interview and here it is, my interview with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and editor-in-chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.


Q: Out of all of the options and outlets to choose from, why comics?

Comics was the main art of my existence as a little kid! All I used to do was read comics and spend time drawing all the comics I read. That all changed when Hip Hop came over the bridge from the Bronx and changed my life! I put down the pencil and picked up the mic, but the influence from comics went into my rhyme and style.”

Q: How hard was it to make the transition from the hip-hop industry to the comic industry? Are there any similarities?

It wasn’t hard at all, for DMC. I am Hip Hop. I am comics. Chris Rock said ‘I like Run, but I love DMC. No one ever sounded like DMC; no one ever looks like DMC. He’s like a superhero.’ Don’t tell anyone…but I really am a superhero!”

Q: I’ve read the book. I thought it was fun and different than anything out there right now. I noticed that a lot of the stories had messages and dealt with issues that were serious issues during the 80’s. The sad part is, is that those issues are still here, and it’s 2014. How important was it for you guys to put light on those issues and was it a hard task to do?

You got that right! The whole purpose of these stories for the book are to address ALL the issues that remain, the villians of society and humanity! Politics, disease, religion, war, homophobia, education and everything people are reluctant to address, talk about and deal with is why we wanted to do something in this artistic and creative way. The revolution and the solution begins with the arts!!!”

Q: I seen that Jam Master Jay made a cameo in the story, have you thought about having Run do a cameo in the story’s future? Maybe as sidekick for an issue or two? With comics, the possibilities are endless.

“No Run, that would be corny! In this universe, in this life Darryl McDaniels never met Run. The reason why Jay is there is that he represents the spirit of Hip Hop, the innovation, the creativity and most important the style. It was Jay who gave RunDMC their look so in the book he is the embodiment of that. Plus through my hardest times in life, he was there for me, supporting me. not just around for the DMC rap dude. This isn’t a “Hip Hop DMC Comic Book.” This is a comic book about a superhero just like Batman, Superman, Spidey, Hulk, Iron Man and etc!”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with “DMC”?

We shall accomplish for DMC the same thing Marvel and DC does! We will entertain, educate, inspire and do the very same things I did with my music… just with a comic book… and more.. cartoons, movies and all that!

Q: Are you working on anything else other than this book and getting it out there for everyone to enjoy?

“I am working on a new album, featuring some of the best musicians around, Tim Armstrong from Rancid and The Transplants. Mick Mars from Motley, Travis Barker on drums, Sebastin Bach, Rome of Sublime, Chuck D, Rob Dukes and Generation Kill, DJ Premier, and a few other incredible friends. I’m writing the best lyrics and songs of my life and want this LP to be Walk This Way King Of Rock and Tricky on steroids! And I’m bringing my life story to Broadway! ‘Look at what the lil comic book kid did!’ I’m gonna call my LP ‘Geek God!!!'” 

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is very passionate about this book, as you can tell. Which is always a great sign for fans. I’ll leave you with this quote by DMC where he talks about comics:

I was a little kid, in my room, 12 years old, collecting Marvel comic books. Iron Man, Spider Man, the Hulk…that comic book, it was an amazing place. It gave me confidence. I went to Catholic school, so as a kid, I got bullied. When I got home and took off my [school] uniform, and I picked up those comic books, it was a whole ‘nother world, where I felt strong, I felt confident.”

“DMC” #1 comes out Oct. 29. Stay tuned next week for my review of the book! Here is some more artwork for DMC #0

Planet Comic Con variant by Felipe Smith


The sold out Boston Comic Con variant by Khoi Pham and Derek Santiago

Visit the Official DMC site for more info.