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Infamous: Second Son TV Spot


Infamous_Second_Son-Delsin_HAMLETBe March 21st already!

In just under a month from now, the PS4 will get it’s first triple A game. To fuel the growing excitement for the March 21st launch date, Sucker Punch Productions released an adrenaline-fueled gameplay spot that dives into the defiant attitude of the game, combining both music and industrial superpowers.

In Second Son you’ll play as Delsin Rowe, a superhuman being who decides that possessing spectacular powers is extraordinarily thrilling. He quickly learns the freedom that comes with mastering his abilities and we can’t wait for you to experience that exhilaration for yourself.

Featuring new in-game footage and a track from Seattle grunge band Mudhoney, this spot highlights the game’s jaw-dropping visuals. It also gives you the opportunity to revel in mastering Delsin’s power as you stand up to the oppressive Department of Unified Protection.