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Images of Lego and Hasbro’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Toy Lines

Before we FINALLY get to see a trailer to Marvel’s upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy next week, we can get a bit of a sneak peak of some things we will get to see in the film, thanks to toys! Below are the Guardians of the Galaxy Lego sets, which director James Gunn posted on his Instagram. As you can imagine, these sets are bit pricey. The set is going for $74.99 according to USA Today.

jamesgunnThe Milano Spaceship featuring Gamora in the cockpit

jamesgunn1Star-Lord & Ronan the Accuser with Ronan’s “craft.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy sets will be in stores June 1 & will include mini-figures of Star-Lord, Gamora, Ronan the Accuser, Drax the Destroyer, & an alien Sakaaran Soldier. I’m hoping they will eventually come out with Groot & Rocket Raccoon. I’m sure these sets will be a hit.

Next are the officially licensed Hasbro 6-inch action figures, posing in the familiar Guardians of the Galaxy lineup.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters Aug. 1. Very excited for this movie!

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