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Just a couple of months ago, Hugh Jackman hinted that his days of putting on the claws as Wolverine, may be over. Well don’t retract those claws just yet, Jackman.

According to Deadline, the studio has entered negotiations with James Mangold to direct The Wolverine 2, & to direct it with Hugh Jackman as the rabid Wolverine once again. (Which Jackman has been doing for about 13 years now) The site also notes that the film’s global success was due to it doing so well overseas, becoming the second highest grossing X-Men film of all time. The film grossed $413 mil., $132 mil. being domestic & the other $280 mil. from international revenue.

The thing I’m hoping for, (which will probably never happen) is that Wolverine will finally put on his mask. That has been something that has bothered me throughout the X-men film era for years. Deadline is also saying that the storyline is being kept under wraps. So who knows what we are in store for if in fact another Wolverine film does happen.

Which of the various Wolverine storylines would you guys think would work best? & would you like to see Jackman going berserk as Wolverine again?


Source: Deadline, Cinema Blend