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How FANTASTIC 4’s Lack of Success Can Turn Out to be a Good Thing for Marvel Fans

As most of you know, Fox’s Fantastic 4 opened up to a lot of bad reviews, which then led to the director of the film, Josh Trank, putting blame of the bad reviews towards Fox for not making “his” version of the film.


The tweet that was only up for a short time was up long enough to circulate all over the internet. This tweet and the floods of bad reviews, is said to be costing the film to lose money at the box office. Fantastic 4 has opened in 2nd at $26.2 million from 3,995 theaters in North America. The film was predicted to make at least $40 million. With the disappointing start of the film’s box office numbers, many are questioning if the studio will cancel the already green lit sequel. This is where the rumors and possible good news for Marvel fans begin…

The DailySuperhero.com has reported that sources have told them that discussion over canceling the sequel, which is supposed to be released June 9, 2017, have already begun behind closed doors. The report even mentions that Fox has already discussed which movie will take its place and that film would be none other than Deadpool 2. Deadpool, due Feb. 2016, has already been getting great feedback from it’s trailers, unlike Fantastic 4.


Now lets get the wheels turning some more…


Due to the fact that Fantastic 4 may end up costing Fox money rather than making profit for the studio like they believed it would, this could possibly lead to Fox finally coming to terms with the fact that they just can’t seem to make a good Fantastic 4 film. Fox could then possibly consider selling the rights over to Disney/Marvel. Disney already has the rights of most of the characters in the Marvel universe and have recently borrowed Spider-Man from Sony, in a deal like none of us have ever seen before, which will have Spider-Man appearing in (most likely) the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Disney will then co-produce the next Spider-Man film released by Sony. Fox could decide to make a deal similar to the Spider-man/Sony deal, which will allow them to keep the rights to the first superhero family, Fantastic 4.

Now lets say that Fox does a deal with Disney similar to the Spider-man deal. Disney could then use the characters in films like the Infinity War. They could even fit a short origin story for the Fantastic 4 within those films with no need of another film devoted to the origin of the group.

This would be the news that most Marvel fans would want to hear. Whether to say if it will actually happen, we will have to wait and see.


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