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Hollywood’s Top 20 MASTERS OF HORROR List


The Hollywood Reporter’s Masters of Horror list will be posted next week. Among the names are some experienced favorites like Wes Craven and Stephen King, while a few surprises have made the rankings such as actresses Kiernan Shipka and Chloë Grace Moretz and director Michael Bay.


Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz

Moretz has had a stellar career since starring in the remake of “The Amityville Horror” at the tender age of six. She will be the lead in the upcoming Stephen King remake of “Carrie.” This is what she said about the film.

“I think what worked for me is that I feel incredibly vulnerable around teenagers. I never went to high school. I never had the time to understand them.”

Michael Bay
Michael Bay

While Michael Bay has enjoyed success directing action and sci-fi films, he has produced, but never helmed a horror feature. Recently, during an interview, Bay made a comment about trying his hand at directing some scary material.

“I have a great fantasy – that I will probably make a reality – of directing my own self-financed horror movie. I love this genre because the movie is the star.”

Here is The Hollywood Reporter’s complete Masters of Horror list in alphabetical order.

1. Rick Baker (Expert Makeup Artist)

2. Michael Bay, producer “The Purge” and “Almanac”

3. Jason Blum, producer “Insidious,” “Sinister” and “The Purge” franchises

4. Wes Craven, director and horror Godfather

5. Guillermo del Toro, producer/director “The Devil’s Backbone” and “Splice”

6. Bryan Fuller, writer “Dead Like Me” cable series, “Hannibal” TV series

7. Stephen King and Joe Hill, famed father and son horror writers

8. Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicotero, writers/producers “The Walking Dead” series

9. Chloë Grace Moretz, actress “Dark Shadows” and heroine in the upcoming “Carrie” reboot

10. Ryan Murphy, writer/creator “American Horror Story” TV series

11. Oren Peli, director/creator “Paranormal Activity” film series

12. Julie Plec, co-creator “The Vampire Diaries” and creator of “The Originals”

13. Daniel Radcliffe, actor “The Woman in Black,” “Horns” and “Frankenstein”

14. Eli Roth, producer “Hostel” and “The Last Exorcism” film series

15. Kiernan Shipka, actress “Flowers in the Attic” television movie, and “Carriers”

16. R. L. Stine, children’s horror writer

17. James Wan, director “Saw,” “Insidious” and “The Conjuring”

18. Ti West, writer “V/H/S” and “The ABCs of Death”

19. Kevin Williamson, co-creator “The Vampire Diaries”

20. Rob Zombie, writer/director “Devil’s Rejects” and “Halloween” reboot films

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Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, IMDb