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HELLBOY 3 May Move Forward

On a recent guest appearance on the Colbert report, actor Jeffrey Tambor teased that there is a very good chance a “Hellboy 3” movie will happen. Tambor played B.P.R.D. director Tom Manning in both “Hellboy” and “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.” This is what he had to say. 

Jeffrey Tambor as Director Tom Manning
Jeffrey Tambor as Director Tom Manning

“There is actually talk of a ‘Hellboy 3,’ but they better hurry or I’m going to be in a walker.” 

Director Guillermo del Toro and lead actor Ron Perlman discuss the possibility of a second sequel all the time. Perlman is really pushing for this to happen in order for the trilogy to be completed properly. Still, Universal Pictures has not made a move to put things into play. 

The likelihood that a third film will happen anytime soon is remote. However, there are a legion of fans who are hungry to see Hellboy grace the big screen once more. In the last film, he was expecting twins with his pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz Sherman. 


The adventure/science fiction/fantasy “Hellboy 3” is currently in development. The film stars Ron Perlman. Guillermo del Toro directs. 

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