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Hayao Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron breaks records, international release Sept 7

Studio Ghibli’s newest film The Boy and the Heron (“Kimitachi wa Dō Ikiru ka”, literally “How Do You Live?“) was first released in Japan two months ago on July 14. As Miyazaki’s first feature film in 10 years, despite no promotions, trailers, advertisements, synopses, or details released prior to the film’s screening, the film set a new box office record in Japan, grossing over $13 million USD over the opening weekend. The film was produced by Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki and composer Joe Hisaishi provided the music. 

The film will open for the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival for its international premiere on September 7, and will be a featured film at the New York Film Festival (September 29-October 15) for its US premiere. 

The film follows a 12 year old boy, Mahito Maki, who struggles with his familial relationships. At his stepmother’s estate, he discovers a gray heron that follows him around, and eventually learns that the heron is not a heron at all. The heron taunts him into entering a mysterious tower located in the woods near the estate, and Mahito discovers himself in a whole new world filled with magic. 

A teaser was finally dropped this month.