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Has J.J. Abrams Asked for THE FORCE AWAKENS Release Date to be Moved Up?


Here’s some news that may have slipped under the radar from yesterday, thanks to all of the Spider-Man news. A site called iKwiz¬†is reporting that director J.J. Abrams, has asked Disney for the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII to be moved up from it’s original release date.

According to the site, Abrams had said it himself while addressing a group of attendees at the 2015 Visual Effects Society Awards¬†about his frustration about the leaked pictures floating around the web. The site also states that Disney is taking Abrams’ request very seriously.

The site does not specify as to what date Abrams is asking for. Disney has not commented on the rumor.

As of now, the release date for The Force Awakens is still Dec. 18.