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Hands-on with Tekken 7 guest character Noctis Lucis Caelum

Tekken 7’s addition of guests characters is honestly a great move especially seeing characters like Street Fighter’s Akuma and Geese Howard from the King of Fighters adding their unique fighting styles to the mix makes the game that much more enjoyable. The biggest surprise came not too long ago when Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis was the next guest character to be added and even after watching the character trailer I was really interested in seeing him in action.

Luckily this past week, I was able to spend a bit of time trying of Noctis for myself and I’m quite impressed. Noctis fits into the Tekken 7 perfectly with a huge variety of techniques moves that honestly feels like he was pulled straight out of Final Fantasy XV.

Noctis can use his Armiger abilities to throw his weapon at his opponents and teleport to them instantly it if connects, which can be a great way to either surprise your opponent or finish your combo to stay on top of them. Noctis also uses fire and ice magic as grabs or as part of his F,F + HK attack which activates a small animation if it hits.

Noctis overall is a character than keep you guessing with a variety of techniques including a spear thrust for a quick knock down, a powerful sword swing that will launch your opponent in the air (similar to Nightmare from Soul Calibur) which can be charged and most importantly his dodge flip which lets him avoid attacks leaving your opponents open for a quick counter attack as well as using his teleport attack.

Noctis has moderate speed but his play style and dodge ability makes him a great character. I was able to find a few juggle combos that not only looked cool but also made it easy to link his critical art which sees Noctis unleashes his full Armiger arsenal to attack his opponent, which at this point is probably my favorite Critical Art of the game not only because it does quite a bit of damage but because you can link it from something as simple as his Upfoward + LK, RK attack to make sure it lands.

While this is still an early build of Noctis, right now he looks to be a character I plan on using a lot more in the future.