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Del Toro Dishes on Future Projects

IMG_7281Earlier tonight at an early screening in Long Beach of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film Pacific Rim, the director himself was in attendance to tell a few production stories, answer questions and give a few hints about the future of his projects including a possible Pacific Rim sequel. We’ll warn you on when the spoilers happen.


We’ll talk Pacific Rim later in this post but first we’ll give an update on the¬†Justice League Dark film. Del Toro has a finished outline for the films story with Deadman, Swamp Thing, and John Constantine getting in his words “spectacular moments.” He is waiting for approval and one particular writer to come onboard before they go ahead on scripting, no word on who that writer is yet. Also, when asked who his John Constantine would be played by, he had no specific answer but he promised the audience his Constantine will be blond, British and smoking cigarettes.


 Warning Spoilers Ahead!!







He briefly discussed his notes for a Pacific Rim sequel. Here’s what he told the crowd. (Final Spoiler Warning) In the film a line of dialogue was cut out that had Charlie Day’s character explaining that the Kaiju DNA is “not carbon based but silicon based”, in his eyes a sequel would explore in depth the world of the alien monsters and their masters who cloned the Kaiju. He also mentioned how he set up the end of this movie with the Jager parts left on the other side of the dimensional rift to be an intricate part of that story. Although he has to see how Pacific Rim scores with audiences before a studio will give the green light on the sequel.


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