Keep your cream pies and seltzer water handy, because the critically-acclaimed RPG series Grandia is getting a Nintendo Switch remaster.

GungHo, in their announcement for PAX West , revealed they will be remastering Grandia I and Grandia II in HD for the Nintendo console.

GungHo Online Entertainment America is bringing the critically-acclaimed RPGs Grandia + Grandia II HD Remaster as a combo pack to the Nintendo Switch handheld console later this winter. Grandia HD Remaster will make its way to Steam as well to accompany Grandia II, which fans can already download and play.

The original.

The 2018 remaster.

The Grandia series is based in a fantasy world similar to Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Ni No Kuni. Fans love these games for their mix of combat, puzzles, and breathtaking graphics… for the time. Our standards have evolved since then, so we’re hoping GungHo is doing a complete remake. From the single screenshot we’ve seen, at the very least we’re getting new cinematics.

Starting August 31st, GungHo will be showcasing Grandia II HD Remastered at their PAX booth #2309.

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