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Google Reveals Streaming Based Gaming Platform Stadia

Today during GDC in San Fransisco, Google finally revealed their vision for gaming with Stadia. Boasting the ability to seamlessly hop into any game at 4k running at 60fps on almost any type of device, Stadia seems to be the most ambitious idea for the future of gaming.

Google Stadia promises to take advantage of Googles low latency servers to offer the fastest, smoothest gaming experience with no install times, no update times, and

“With Stadia, this waiting game will be a thing of the past. The power of instant access is magical and has already transformed the music and movie industries and with Stadia it is now available at the highest form of gaming.”

A few concerns from fans are up in the air including possible issues with latency, the controller design, and pricing. When watching the keynote, one should remember that the demonstrations are controlled via Google meaning that elements such as internet connection and hardware may be a factor when the product is indeed ready for market as many players may not have access to the same internet speeds available to Google.

Needless to say the entire gaming world will be keeping their eyes on Google as they begin to make their presence known in the ever growing community.

Not too many consumer related details such as date or price were announced although as of writing the planned release window is currently 2019.