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Get ready for more Castlevania as Netflix orders a third season!

On October 26th, the second season of Castlevania finally arrived on Netflix and in my opinion is a must watch. Without giving anything away, it does a great job of expanding Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and introduces characters that while tied into the series like Hector and Camilla weren’t present in the original Nintendo Entertainment System game but ultimately ends on a cliffhanger…luckily the series will get a third season, which was confirmed by the lord of darkness himself via Twitter.

We reported back in June that Castlevania season 3 was already in the works after Richard Armitage the voice actor for Trevor Belmont mentioned that work on season 3 had already started which is something Adi Shankar mentioned during a panel at Anime Expo 2018.

No date was announced but we can expect it to be sometime in late 2019. I definitely look forward to seeing what’s coming next.