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GameStop Making Changes to Their Trade-In Program!

GameStop Making Changes to Their Trade-In Program

By Cristy Donahue


If you’re like most gamers, you undoubtedly decided you were not going to play certain games anymore. Whether it be you just didn’t like it, or the replay value just wasn’t there, you knew that game wasn’t going to hit that console again.  Long ago, GameStop realized this about some individuals and offered what they called a “trade-in” program.  What this means is that you can bring your old games and they would give you a meager amount of cash, or a bit more in store credit towards purchases you made in the store.  Most of us know, that unless you trade your games in within the first 30 days of release, you are probably not even going to get half your investment back.  If you opted for the trade in store credit, you would get more in return.  For GameStop this was a win win situation.  They pay you a small amount for a game you just shelled out $60 for and then they turn around and sell it for up to 50% more than you just received.  Great business model?  Maybe not when most of the company business revolves around used games. Not to mention we are in a full upswing in the digital age.  Most of us can download the same games for less than we can buy it in a brick and morter store.  Though there are still those individuals who insist on having the physical disc.

New gamers along with the influx of parents buying games for their children in hopes of weeding out the inappropriate content, the term “trade-in” can sometimes be confusing.  Even hard core gamers get baffled by this process, since the math doesn’t seem to add up.  GameStop has somehow come to the conclusion that 2/3 of their customers don’t understand what trade-in means.

Therefore, on August 18, 2014 GameStop will be re-vamping its trade in program.  Given that I do understand the trade-in process, I see this change as good.  Getting more for my trade in’s is what many of us have been waiting for to happen.  August 18 will be the day that we gamers will get an extra 20% “average base value” for games traded in.  If you are a power up member, you still get the extra 10%.  GameStop is also simplifying its program from a gaming having 10 different possible values to 4.  So whether or not you trade in towards a Pre-order (which previously earned you an extra 30% to 40% in credit) not make a difference anymore. It’s simply GameStop buying your old games, or you selling them to GameStop.  Whichever you prefer to say. The only factor that could influence your dollar amount is when you choose cash over in store credit.  This is not a new component. Employees will begin using the buy-sell terminology when engaging with customers in hopes to make the process more understandable to the masses.   This is an exciting change that is happening in the world of GameStop.  One that at this point in time promises to be beneficial to its loyal customers.   Power to the players!  Finally.