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Has Gal Gadot Signed A Multi-picture Deal to Star as WONDER WOMAN?


This is coming from Batman-News, which states that Gal Gadot has signed a multi-picture deal to be Wonder Woman.

The report says that Gal Gadot did another interview with the Israeli show “Good Evening with Gai Pines,” & according to the show’s report, Gadot is set for a three-picture deal to play Wonder Woman. Batman-News said that they “don’t think” they’ve had confirmation on the deal yet.

Good Evening with Gai Pines also reported that Gal Gadot would be making about $300,000 for her role in the Superman/Batman film & that Gadot will start shooting for the film around May.

If this is true, $300,000 is not a lot for a film of this magnitude & based on that pay, I’m assuming that Gadot probably wouldn’t have that much face time in the film.

Sources: Batman-News, Collider