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Funko Acquires Merchandising Rights To Earthbound

During an investors meeting, Funko revealed an infographic of the many licenses that they have acquired the rights to create POP! Funko figurines for and one of those licenses seem to be the cult classic Nintendo title Earthbound. For those of you who don’t know, POP! Funkos are the little figurines that you can seem to find everywhere featuring hundreds of characters spanning hundreds of movies, bands, comics, and whatever else you can think of. The news of Earthbound being licensed came to a surprise to many, being that there has not been a new game in the series since Earthbound back in 1995 although the fanbase is rabid about a North American localization of the Japan-only title Mother 3.

The licensing does come at an odd time where many rumors are coming in regarding Mother 3 on the Nintendo Switch.
Time will tell if anything comes from the acquisition.