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FRIDAY THE 13TH Remake May Get Filmmaker David Bruckner


Horror genre filmmaker David Bruckner is in negotiations to direct the newest incarnation of  “Friday the 13th” for Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes. Bruckner is well-known for writing and directing the “Amateur Night” segment of “V/H/S.”


The reboot may have Bruckner employ a found-footage approach done so many times since 1999’s “Blair Witch Project.” He successfully used this in his “Amateur Night” segment of “V/H/S,” which follows three college-aged guys who go out on the town for some action and bring a mysterious girl named Lily back to their motel room.  They discover all too late that Lily is not exactly human. Carnage ensues.


The plot for the “Friday the 13th” reboot is not exactly being kept hush, hush, but expect teenagers with their hormones in hyper drive sitting around a campfire at Camp Crystal Lake telling stories about everyone’s favorite boogeyman Jason Voorhees. Only later, the same teenagers will be blood-soaked and screaming, while running through the woods trying to escape the masked machete wielding maniac.

(This is unconfirmed, but a rumor has surfaced that Jason could be replaced with another mass murdering villain.)

The Signal
The Signal

Bruckner co-wrote and co-directed the 2007 horror film “The Signal” with Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry. He has also been working on the thriller “Intrusion” for producers Doug Davison and Lava Bear CEO David Linde.

Although Paramount has made no comment at this time. The studio did land a release date for the remake — Friday, March 13, 2015.

Bruckner is represented by WME, The Gotham Group and attorney Michael Schenkman.

Platinum Dunes is under the leadership of Brad Fuller, Andrew Form and Michael Bay.

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