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Franchise Fred Interview: The Miz and Summer Rae on The Marine 4: Moving Target

The latest film in WWE’s The Marine franchise came out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital this week. The Marine 4: Moving Target came out Tuesday, and the day after Monday Night Raw, I got to speak with WWE Superstar The Miz and WWE Diva Summer Rae about their roles in the film.

The Miz returns as Jake Carter from The Marine 3. Now he has to protect a witness. Rae plays a mercenary on the villains’ crew, wearing fatigues and firing big guns. Franchise Fred had some questions about the latest Marine film and the future of The Miz and Summer Rae in WWE.

Nuke the Fridge: Miz, this is the first time an actor has returned to play the same marine in a Marine movie. What did it mean to you to play Jake Carter a second time?

Miz: A huge honor, a lot of pressure because whenever you have the name The Marine, it associates with the Armed Forces. And our Armed Forces are over there. They’re over in war zones sacrificing their lives, their time, being away from their family and friends for our freedom. So that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on an actor to have to portray that sort of hero. So I wanted to do everything I possibly could to make sure that those people over there are proud and are entertained by this movie, and really enjoy it.

the-marine-blu-ray-dvd-_SW02345_rgbNuke: You’re playing enemies in this movie. In the ring, are you on the same team or do you ever face off?

Summer Rae: That’s the good thing about WWE. You never really know. Up until yesterday, I had eyes for Mizdow, you know. He just wasn’t cutting it so I had to cut him loose. Plus, my loyalty of course is The Miz. He helped me on the set of Marine 4 for five weeks. For Mizdow to ever think that I actually had his back, that just shows how good of an actress I am.

Miz: I’m smart. I know what I’m doing.

Nuke: Did The Miz help you transition from the ring to movie acting?

Summer Rae: Yeah, it was definitely nice to know that I was going to be up there with such a veteran in Mike. He was great. He was really helpful to me. We were not on set together a lot because he was shooting a lot of his good guy stuff and I was shooting a lot of my bad guy crew. So it was nice to have my own group of friends and be my own person on set, but then when I needed to run lines or ask questions, I could always go to Mike and he wouldn’t make fun of me too bad.

Nuke: You handle some heavy artillery in the movie, Summer. Had you worked with guns before?

Summer Rae: I had never even held a gun before this, which being from North Carolina is pretty unusual. Before, we had extensive training. I didn’t want someone to say, “Oh, she’s just a girl. That’s why she doesn’t know how to hold it correctly.” We held the guns. I held the sniper rifle but I never shot live. Then we’re getting ready to go on the first day of filming, the first day on set, to which Mike announced to everyone on the set, “It’s her first day. It’s her first day.” and embarrassed me.

Miz: Had to break the ice.

Summer Rae: He had to break the ice. We had to go live and I said, “No, I haven’t shot live yet. Can we do it?” So they brought me out to a lake and said, “Let her rip” and gave me a full mag. I just let it fly. I didn’t realize it would be so loud. I didn’t realize it would be so aggressive because it wasn’t full rounds, but man, it felt good. That’s a great way to release tension.

Nuke: Miz, how did the action in The Marine 4 compare to The Marine 3?

Miz: With Marine 3 it was really into character development. You had to know who Jake Carter is. With Scott Wiper on Marine 3, he really guided me into what I had to do to be an action star. Then going onto Marine 4, I kind of knew what I was doing. Will[iam Kaufman], me being the ever sponge and trying to just absorb as much as possible, Will took what Scott Wiper gave me and then made it even more. That’s what it is. It’s a learning process. You just try to do the best you possibly can and I felt really good, really had a lot of fun, looked at the script and went, “There’s no way we’re getting all this.” Will Kaufman got everyone aligned, got everyone together, the cast and crew, and we got everything in. It looked amazing and I’m so proud of this film.

the-marine-blu-ray-dvd-_D1C5821_rgb.jpgNuke: Is Jake in a very different place when The Marine 4 starts?

Miz: He actually is. Now he’s not necessarily out of the Marines, but now he’s moving into the real world and trying to get a new job. A new job is working for a private security firm where he has to protect a whistleblower. Basically she has secrets that the bad guys do not want leaked and it’s my job to keep her alive. It’s definitely a new situation that Jake Carter is put in, but obviously Jake Carter’s a Marine. He knows what he’s doing.

Nuke: Does Jake fight differently as a Marine than The Miz fights in the ring?

Miz: Yeah, Jake Carter is a Marine. I think when you’re a Marine and you’re in the Armed Forces, it’s kill or be killed. You’re gritty, you’re raw. That’s the one thing I really wanted to hone in on in The Marine 4 as well as The Marine 3. I didn’t want these fancy kicks and all this fancy stuff because that’s not what a Marine does. A Marine is out there to survive. It is survival of the fittest so that’s what I wanted to do there. WWE, there’s a lot of flash. There’s a lot of cool, wonderful moves that really get the crowd going.

Nuke: Summer, when did you decide you wanted to break into movies too?

Summer Rae: Actually, to be honest, for me, being a WWE Diva was my goal. That was it and that was the end all be all. I was so focused on getting on the roster. I hadn’t even been on for a full year and I just got the call. I was very shocked when they told me that be the first WWE Diva to be in a movie, because I feel there are so many capable, intelligent, beautiful athletic women in that Diva locker room that could play any role in WWE studios. So knowing that, I realized I had some big shoes to fill. Now they put two other WWE Divas into WWE Studios films and I’m very proud to say that women are going to be breaking through in this industry. I hope I have something to do with that.

Nuke: You paved the way.

Summer Rae: We’ll see. You’ve got to watch the movie and let me know.

Nuke: In the ring, what’s going on for The Miz and Summer Rae?

Miz: Well, I just beat Damien Mizdow or now you should call him Damien Sandow because he had the audacity to challenge me for my Miz brand. Does anyone realize how valuable the Miz brand is? I’ve had this brand and developed this brand for over 15 years. It is mine and I beat him. Now he will be Damien Sandow. Now he’s no longer the stunt double or personal assistant. He needs to go out on his own. Will he succeed? Will he fail? It’s all up to him because he will not have my name.

Summer Rae: And clearly, I don’t hang out with losers and that’s what Sandow is. Obviously I want to be with someone awesome, the champ and that’s why last night I helped The Miz win. I don’t know what’s up for Sandow. I kind of feel bad for him. Hopefully he finds a good path. As for me, the sky’s the limit.

Miz: I don’t feel bad for him because I warned him. I told him exactly what would happen. His fans would cheer for him, tell him that he’s better than me and then he would believe them. And then I would show him that I am better than him. That’s exactly what happened. I’m always right.