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Four new characters revealed for DRAGON BALL FighterZ Season 2 – Jiren, Videl, Broly and Gogeta

We knew it was coming but we didn’t expect it to be so soon as following the conclusion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Grand Finals, Tomoko Hiroki the game’s producer appeared on stage with a special trailer that revealed new fighters coming to the game.

First up is probably one of the most requested characters, Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. While Jiren was added as a DLC character to Xenoverse 2 last year, the dangerous and powerful warrior will be coming to FighterZ in just a few days as it was announced that he will be playable starting January 31st.

It won’t only be Jiren though as it was announced that Videl will be joining the battle. It’s a surprising pick, where fans have been speculating that Universe 6’s Kefla or Cabba would be one of the fighters chosen for season 2. Videl won’t be alone in battle as she will be joined by Gohan complete in his Great Saiyaman outfit who will serve as an assist character.

There was one more surprise, well sort of as it was also announced that Broly and Super Saiyan Blue Super Saiyan Gogeta from the recently released Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that came out in the West a few weeks ago and has earned more than $24 Million in theaters in its first five days.

Not much was shown of both Broly or Gogeta characters but we know they are both coming soon.