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Former child actor Charles Herbert, known for his roles in horror and sci-fi films such as The Fly and 13 Ghosts, died of a heart attack on Oct.31 in Las Vegas at the age of 66.

Fellow child actor and friend of Herbert, Paul Peterson, confirmed Herbert’s death writing “My friend died sober, looking forward to the future.”

After receiving his most known role in 1958’s The Fly, starring opposite Vincent Price, Herbert continued to get minor roles throughout the mid 60’s and eventually his career dwindled out.

Herbert suffered through alcoholism and addiction for decades.

Peterson went on to add “It’s hard to lose a life-long friend. I had just talked to him last Wednesday. We were making plans to go to dinner in two weeks. Charlie was up-beat and positive, looking forward to his next Sci-Fi convention. Things were good for him in Las Vegas. As always we ended our conversation by saying I Love You. We always said that because you just never know. I immediately told my wife, Rana, and then made just one phone call…to Mimi Gibson (Rahal) who was also in “Houseboat” and was a critical factor in helping us bring Charlie back from the brink many years ago. Charlie was a poster child for the Kid Actor Syndrome. Look him up on IMDB. 20 movies, 50 television shows. He supported his entire family from Age Four…and then his career came to an emphatic end. His take? $1,700 when he became an adult.
Damaged goods? I’ll say.”

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