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FLASH #24 Review

Manapul and Buccellato say their goodbye one issue early.

The Flash (2011-) 024-000

Flash 24 reads like a wrap up of, not only, the “In Reverse” storyline but as a wrap up for the book’s creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Yes, they do have one more issue together in next month’s Zero Year tie in but when you look through these pages they’re filled with so much reflection that it’s hard not to feel like your friends are going away to college.

As a conclusion to the Reverse Flash story, the plot suffers a bit from the villain’s month break. It feels as though it tried to catch everyone up who may have jumped on after last month’s one-shot and brought about the conclusion in a mere handful of pages. This makes the final battle between Barry Allen and Danny West feel a bit anticlimactic. Barry himself comments on how he wasn’t quite sure how he won, which when you think about it could have been a directors commentary hidden in the pages. The issue has an overabundance of resolution that not only gets the Flash to reflect and find balance in his life, but also reflect on all the personal issues Barry has dealt with since issue #1.

The Flash (2011-) 024-016

The art, as always, is the book’s staple. From the quick and dirty layout of the first page to the expansive double page spreads that buttress the final pages, The Flash continues to the be most eye pleasing book on the shelves. It’s set the bar for unique page layouts and eye popping color effects, the next team to take on the flash will have extremely large shoes to fill. How awesome is it that the Murtagh and Riggs of comics is  going to work on Detective Comics.

What was an awesome Flash centric story arc appears to have suffered a bit from DC’s grander villains scheme, but the team manages to bring the Barry Allen Flash they wanted to tell to an emotion evoking end. (Yes there’s still next month, but Flash Flash ends here)

8 out 10! Superb! Not as great as the Breaking Bad ending but far from the ending of Lost!