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First U.S. Trailer for “The Tall Man” Starring Jessica Biel

Hey fellow nerds, Karla from Downey for Nuke the Fridge.

Image Entertainment, via Bloody Disgusting.com, has debuted the first U.S. trailer for Pascal Laugier’s horror-thriller “The Tall Man” starring Jessica Biel. The trailer comes three weeks after the international (French) trailer debuted on Vlicious.org. Biel stars as a single mom who moves to a slowly dying mining town with her young son. Children have been vanishing; abducted by a mysterious entity the townspeople call ‘The Tall Man.’ Biel’s character Julia is skeptical until her son becomes the Tall Man’s latest victim. Fueled by rumor and local urban legend, Julia fights through every parent’s worst nightmare to get her son back.

While the U.S trailer has the classic grip most good thrillers strive to have, the French trailer distinguishes itself by having more of a scare factor. The movie is called “The Secret” in the French trailer and even the subtitles don’t deter from the creepiness it exudes. The film is set for a September 5th release, and as a fan of movies that screw with your Sunday school sensibilities, I look forward to this one.