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Fan Reaction and Review: Go Watch THE GUNMAN

The-Gunman-Sean-Penn-Official-PosterReview and Reaction by Julie Ann Paige

Open Road and Studio Canal presents The Gunman ( Now Showing in Theaters ).

Brought to us from the director of Taken, Pierre Morel and premiering Thursday night in Los Angeles at Regal, L.A. Live, The Gunman, stars Sean Penn as Jim Terrier, an ex special forces solider, military contractor and assassin suffering from P.T.S.D who is forced to go on the run and clear his name after he becomes an international target.

Penn must find and save his ex girlfriend Annie played by Jasmine Trinca. Javier Bardem plays Felix, Penn‘s ex military contractor and girlfriend stealing colleague. To survive Penn needs to figure out Bardem’s involvement, if any in his being targeted. Idris Elba plays Interpol Agent DuPont, who tries to catch up to Penn.

The script for The Gunman was beautifully written by Don MacPherson and Pete Travis, based on a novel written by Jean-Patrick Manchette. This ensemble cast brought to the film allot of depth and diversity because of their different acting backgrounds and educations. Sean Penn an American actor. Javier Bardem acting background comes from Spain. Idris Elba hails out of the London and Jasmine Trinca is from Italy. The film beautifully builds suspense as Penn‘s character puts the pieces together to figure who made him an international target.

The Gunman is highly recommended if you are a fan of action and suspense films!

Check out a few images from the red carpet. Video is coming soon!