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Fan Favorite ARMS Character Min Min Is Coming To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After months of speculation on social media as to who will be representing the Nintendo franchise ARMS in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we finally have an answer.

Your first fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 is none other than Min Min.

During Mondays Smash video the games producer Masahiro Sakurai answered as many questions as possible including why, how, and when. As for the why, Sakurai explained that ARMS producer, Mr. Yabuki, recommended her of all characters before mentioning his choice which was Ninjara.

Many of you might think that Springman is the protagonist, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Mr. Yabuki said, “Everyone’s the protagonist!”.

Min Mins moveset consists of very long range attacks and switchable arms offering a range of differences including distance, attack damage, and speed.

It was also shown off that her stage will offer 18 tracks including 2 new tracks arranged by the ARMS composer Mr. Asahi.

Fighter Pass 2 will kick off with Min Min on June 29th. You can prepurchase the Fighters Pass on the Nintendo eShop.