Warning: Please treat the following as a “RUMOR” until it’s proven true.

Many reports have claimed that the plot for Legendary’s Godzilla film will revolve around the damage humans have caused to the earth’s environment. That being said if this peace of RUMOR turns out to be true it would make perfect sense.

Please treat following as a “rumor” until it’s confirmed.

We just received a scoop that the main monster that Godzilla will battle in the reboot is Hedorah (ヘドラ, Hedora) also known as The Smog Monster.

Here’s a history on the monster.

Hedorah is an extraterrestrial kaiju formed from pollution that could feed on pollution. Falling to Earth as a cloud of spores, Hedorah hatched into millions of microscopic tadpole-like organisms which began to feed upon the toxins with which mankind had poisoned its air and water. As they increased in number and power, they began to merge into a giant monster of living sludge capable of reducing the entire planet to an uninhabitable wasteland.

Hedorah’s transformations and composite physiology are thought to be the inspiration for the Heisei monster Destoroyah. Surprisingly, Hedorah has become one of the most famous Godzilla monsters.

At the time of his creation, he was without a doubt, alongside King Ghidorah, Godzilla’s most challenging enemy. In the course of their fights, the King of the Monsters was continuously injured and found it very difficult to defeat him. Hedorah, with King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah, are considered to be some of Godzilla’s most powerful enemies. Although in Final Wars, Godzilla defeated Hedorah with ease, he is still considered to be a powerful enemy of Godzilla simply because of the fact that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.