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Namtar here for Nuke the Fridge!

I had a chance to talk with Stripperella 2.0 artist, Anthony Lee Winn at the Stan Lee autograph signing on Saturday, January 22nd, at the Frank and Son Collectible Show in the City of Industry.

Before we get started, here is some background information about Anthony.

Growing up under the influence of Spider-Man and the like, often introduced by their creator Stan Lee himself, he became hooked on super heroes, but to this day three of his top super heroes are mom, dad, and older brother.  Winn began drawing comics in high school and was pretty much self-taught with help from books like Stan Lee’s “How to draw the Marvel way” and, even today, uses pen and pencil for his drawings, although he does do some digital rendering as well.  His art career began by doing pencil drawings for Image Comics before becoming an illustrator and freelance cartoon artist and even doing some stunt work from time to time.  While Anthony was at Saban Animation, doing stunts for the Power Rangers among other things, he was referred to Stan Lee, his boyhood idol and super hero creator extraordinaire.

Namtar: How did you get involved with Stan Lee and Stripperella?

ALW:  I worked on and off with Stan since 1999.  Stan saw my artwork and liked it.  He kept me in mind when he decided to recreate the Stripperella character.

Namtar:  Can you tell us about the Stripperella reboot?

ALW:  Stan is revamping the character, and we are collaborating on creating a femme fatale who is fun and cute.  Basically, it’s a makeover.

Namtar:  Is Pamela Anderson involved with the project?

ALW:  No, this is Stan’s creation and he owns all the rights.

Namtar:  Does Stripperella have a secret identity or any super powers?

ALW:  Stripperella does have an alter ego, Exotica Jones.  Stripperella’s motto is, “Stripper by Night, Secret Agent later in the night!”  She works out of a local strip club called Talent & Artistry, and is able to perform martial arts and mesmerize men with her assets.  She is a stripper, but her pole dancing skills will be more centralized and popular in this new strip.  It’s meant to be sexy.  There will be implied nudity, but it’s not pornographic or offensive.

Namtar:  Why is this character being rebooted at this time?

ALW:  It’s about branding.  Stan wants to transcend boundaries, by having a character that is edgy.  It’s made to be bright, funny, clever, cute, and good in order to target the female market.  Stripperella will be Las Vegas’s iconic sexy super-heroine like Spider-Man is New York’s protector.

Namtar:  What’s it like to work and collaborate with the legendary Stan Lee?

ALW:  We have a dynamic working relationship – ambitious.  Stan is enlightening.  We learn a lot from each other.  It’s new, and he is open to suggestions.  For example, I suggested that we have Exotica (Stripperella) ride a quadrunner for the purpose of satire.  She would have her tushy in the air, and you could see her cleavage.  Stan asked, “What’s a quadrunner?”  I told him, and he was all for it.  He’s a great guy.

Namtar:  How will this new version of Stripperella debut?  Will it come out as a comic?

ALW:  First thing, we are getting some assistance with the pole dancing aspect of Stripperella’s character.  Felix Cane is world champion pole dancer who is cross-pollinating the sport for the Stripperella character.  Also, we are talking to a spokes model by the name of Dana Hamm about posing as the live version of Stripperella.  We are planning photo shoots with her where she will pose with a quadrunner and other vehicles.  We are hoping to pick up sponsors such as Suzuki or Honda for this.  Then, Stan wants to publish these photos in a coffee table book to help reintroduce the character to the public.

Namtar:  Can you tell us more about Dana Hamm?

ALW:  Dana lives in Ohio.  She has the perfect build for Stripperella.  Here, check out this photo.  (He pulls out his iPhone and displays the photo.)

Namtar:  Hamina-hamina-hamina-hamina!  Giggity, giggity-goooo!

ALW:  (continues) Dana has green eyes and a perfectly sculpted body.  She is often compared to the likes of Angelina Jolie.  Popular media cited her as being one of the world’s most beautiful women.  She has done a lot of runway and photo shoot modeling.

Namtar:  What direction does Stan want to take his character?

ALW:  Stan wants to develop Stripperella into a live action comedy adventure like Austin Powers.  He likes Seth Rogen and would like to tap him as a possible writer for the project.

Namtar:  So, Anthony, is there anything else you would like to add?

ALW:  Yes, check out our website at deepcutproductions.net.  Also, follow the all-new adventures of Stripperella on uclick’s GoComics.com mobile comic book reader.  It will be available on all major carriers.  You can find the application on the iPhone and iPad.  Download it and enjoy the “strip!”

Top Secret Document:  Stripperella Profile (For Your Eyes Only)

Created by Stan Lee, Stripperella went into production during the .com boom of 2002.

Stripperella debuted on Spike TV in the spring of 2003 and lasted one season with 13 episodes. Pamela Anderson described it as not being a raunchy show, despite obvious double entendres and topless nudity (which was blurred out when shown on Spike TV.)

Stripperella was originally a blond named Erotica Jones.  For her makeover, Stripperella has been turned into a fiery redhead and her name has been changed to Exotica Jones.  Stripperella works out of the Talent & Artistry Strip Club in Las Vegas and is the city’s sole protector.  Her preferred mode of transportation was a motorcycle.  Now, she rides a quadrunner.  For some reason, she actually turns more heads.


Stripperella possesses superior skills ranging from her intelligence, strength, awesome jumping ability, superbly sexy martial arts moves, and she is able to mesmerize men with her assets.  She is talented by her flexibility and grace and has the uncanny ability to use her stripper moves to incapacitate her rivals.   All of this, and a body that won’t quit!

Other information

In 2003, the show had a lawsuit filed by ex-stripper Janet Clover a.k.a. “Jazz” a.k.a. “Stripperella.”  This as well as creative differences led to the show’s cancellation.  The lawsuit specifically targeted Stan Lee.  Clover claims he got the idea after she gave Lee a lap dance.  The lawsuit was thrown out of court.

End Stripperella Profile!

Namtar over and out! (Shhhh!)

To view Dana Hamm check out her website at www.danahammportfolio.com.

For more information on Anthony Lee Winn and Deepcut Productions go to www.deepcutproductions.net.

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