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This is Joshua Ballze Reporting,

Around a week ago I was given an exclusive scoop into the filming which wrapped at Edwards Air Force base.  Like the boy scout I am, I figured “Hey, why not let everyone in on the scoop?”  There may have even been a “golly gee” in there, but alas no scoop is without nay sayers.  Everything from “Fake” to “Bull ship” (keeping this “G” rated kids) to my so called “Reputation” being on the line…I just got here but I already have a rep?  The biggest controversy was however reports Lois Lane (Amy Adam’s) wasn’t on set at Edwards during the film shoot.  Well, by great Caesar’s Ghost you kids wanted proof?  Here ya go!




There, proof!  As you can see the female actors playing Faora and Lane (Adams) are pictured taking shelter under umbrellas to protect from Sunburn…whilst Superman just strolls along umbrella free because, well, Superman doesn’t get Sunburn.  Anyways with this confirmation was can also conclude my reports about the scene filmed along with the lines between the actors are also…ahem, true!  Now like I said, I was the boy scout at first, however now…I’m feeling more like Luthor.  I could be nice and post the rest of the pictures I have, but screw it I’m going Luthor on ya.  I will instead post additional pictures at my whim, as I laugh in my headquarters over my victory over those whom doubted!  But, I will say this….to see the pictures perhaps before anyone else, like our Facebook page and see what other goodies I have in store.  Also, check out my weekly vids here on NTF for more exclusives!

And now, I depart.  Those whom supported me, you shall be rewarded, for those whom doubted me, let this picture be a reminder to all whom question my power….you all shall KNEEL!

~JOSH Ruler of planet Huston

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