In order to celebrate our own 3 years of delivering scathing Hollywood coverage we have decided to give something back – to you, our faithful readers!   Nuke The Fridge has worked out an agreement with the Southland Corporation to thank our fans and celebrate movies. Today, until midnight, we would like to show our gratitude to our readers across the nation — with free Slurpees!!!

7-11 stores have become over the years a major supporter of various major motion pictures, and currently in stores you will find their “Cowboys & Aliens” promotions.  We are thrilled to be partnering with corporate movie lovers like Southland/ 7-11, and so we have offered to you – for today only – a free 7 oz. Slurpee! (No other purchase is required.)  Simply find your local participating 7-11 store and say you have come in for the FREE Nuke The Fridge Slurpee.  That’s it!

Enjoy movie lovers!!!!

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  1. E.T.=Extra Testicle

    I went to three different 7-11 stores.  I got my 21 ounces.


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