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Ouija_review_article_story_largeTCA has been such a whirlwind, I’m still sorting through all of my interviews. Early in the week I spoke with Black Sails and The Last Ship producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes. They were happy to talk about their film slate too, although there’s little news about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 or Friday the 13th that haven’t already been announced.

With the success of Ouija though, they are considering a different take on a sequel. Since Ouija boards have been around for ages, there’s no reason to just do a follow-up sequel.

“We’re talking about a couple different directions,” Fuller said. “We’re figuring out if it’s going to be a period piece or if it’s going to be modern day. We’re trying to figure that out.”

The Purge 3 is a go, so I asked if they were considering any crimes that weren’t murder? The first two films focused on the idea that people would use purge night to kill. Surely there are some other crimes they might want to commit instead.

“In the new Purge, there are crimes that are committed or discussed that are not murder, that are horrible,” Fuller said. That might not be the main plot, but it will be in the background. “I’m not sure if it’s central to the plot. We just have an outline at this point.”

Their partner on The Purge, Jason Blum, has suggested doing a prequel about the very first purge night. IMDB has actually reported that as the plot of The Purge 3 but Fuller could confirm they are not doing the prequel yet. In fact, this was the first they’d heard of it.

“That’s not this,” Fuller said. “You’re telling me something that Blum has not told me about. Blum has not mentioned year one of The Purge. How would we do that?”

Form got it. “It’s a prequel I guess,” he said. “I never even thought about what that could look like.”

We’ll bring you the rest of our interview with Form and Fuller this week as Black Sails season two premieres.