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Nuke the Fridge had a booth at this year’s Long Beach Comic Con, after doing our duties with promoting the site as well as selling some posters, I got the chance to venture out & explore the rest of the convention & see what it had to offer. As I saw the comic book power couple of the very talented artist Amanda Conner & just as talented writer Jimmy Palmiotti  doing autographs, I of course couldn’t pass up the chance to get my newly released Harley Quinn #0 signed. Both Amanda Conner & Jimmy were kind enough to not only sign my comic, but to also have a brief little discussion with me about the book because I told them how much I loved it. I thought I’d pass along the message Amanda gave to me & to help her spread the word.

The first thing that Conner told me after thanking me for complementing the book, was that she wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the rest of the series wouldn’t be anything like issue #0. She said that she fears that everyone is expecting more of what they seen in issue #0 & that issue was pretty much a build up for the rest of the upcoming series but she hopes that everyone will love the rest of the series just as much.

After I had that brief discussion with Conner & thanked her again for the auotgraph & making such a great book, I went on to Jimmy Palmiotti which was just as nice & even joked around about me already having the most important autograph for the book already (meaning Conner’s).

So there you guys have it. I thought I would help her out & let all you guys & gals know what to expect in the upcoming issues of Harley Quinn. If you haven’t already picked it up to read, please do! As I said in a previous review of the book, it is definitely worth the read & a very “neat new way of story-telling.”

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