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Exclusive JUSTICE LEAGUE interview: Ray Fisher Says Cyborg is Like “Frankenstein Reborn!”

In Justice League (in theaters November 17th) Ray Fisher plays Cyborg (Victor Stone). We had a chance to interview Fisher about his experiences in the film and his possible future in the DCEU.

Many may not be familiar with Cyborg so we asked him to describe the character and Fisher compared him to Frankenstein.

Here’s what Fisher said:

” Victor Stone, he’s a college athlete who has an IQ of 170, right, so we’re already outside of the realm of sort of stereotypical beginnings, in that we have a genius-level intellect individual who wants to play college football, and go on to play professionally, I’m assuming. Through no fault of his own, obviously, he has this accident that takes away the use of his body, takes the life of his mother. He’s rebuilt by his father, who also has a genius-level intellect. As a result of that, that sort of being transformed into a cyborg, he sees himself as a sort of monster. It’s like Frankenstein reborn for a new era, a more technological era. His particular journey in this … He views his gifts as curses, you know. Somebody poses the idea to him in the film that he has gifts that he should use to help humanity, but he’s not fully at the point now where he’s able to accept that for what it is. He’s chosen to seclude himself and to sort of just wait things out, and I think through meeting these other members of the Justice League he’s able to sort of begin the steps of regaining his humanity through it all. That’s the abridged version of, hopefully, what you’re seeing. ” 

You can listen to the entire interview below!