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first-look-big-hero-6-pictures-are-finally-hereDisney’s “Big Hero 6″ opens in theaters on November 7th and as I said before, I highly suggest that you take your family and friends to watch it on opening weekend. The movie is inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team with the same name and it’s as good as “The Avengers.” The animated film takes place in a fictional place called ‘San Fransokyo’ after both San Francisco and Tokyo. The movie has a large Japanese influence to it and when you watch the movie calling the place ‘San Fransokyo’ with make perfect sense. It’s a unique and fun movie.

Actors Jamie Chung and Damon Wayans Jr. voice ‘Go Go Tomago’ and ‘Wasabi.’ I had a chance to interview both actors and asked them about the film.

You can view the video interview below and don’t forget we will be having more interviews with the cast of “Big Hero 6″ before it’s opening on November 7th. So, stay tuned to Nuke the Fridge!