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Exclusive Interview: Eli Roth Talks THE GREEN INFERNO


I had a chance to attend a very special event at Comic Con last week, for the much anticipated Horror Film The Green Inferno.

As you walked into the party monitors were set up playing video from the film, the place was decorated with amazing props to look and feel like the Amazon Forest. Exclusive video was presented and the crowd loved what they saw!

In attendance were some of the cast and crew from the film, including Actress Lorenza Izzo and Director Eli Roth, who I had a chance to interview.

MV5BMTE0MjgzMjk5MzdeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDM5OTM1MTYx._V1__SX1226_SY572_-1I had a chance to ask Eli Roth a few questions about the film, horror, and much more.

Louis Love: First of all congratulations on finally getting this project out, I haven’t seen it but I’m really looking forward to it.

Eli Roth: Thanks Man!

Louis Love: You’re finally getting the film released. What was the delay? Can you talk about that a bit?

Eli Roth: It’s weird because if you say it was delayed, someone is going to look bad and it’s not fair.  The truth is that it was an unfortunate situation where the company was going through a transition and they were unable to keep a situation that they had agreed to and instead of everyone suing each other, we all sat down and asked, “How do we get out of this? What an we do?”

Open Road was in a very difficult spot, they were very cool and they left the movie.

This movie would not be in theaters without Open Road. That’s not saying Open Road did not want to distribute it, they basically were able to make a deal with

Blumhouse to take over the movie, but It’s really because Open Road is cool. They (Open House) could have easily sold it to cable.  But hey know that fans wanted to see it in theaters, so full credit goes to them. It’s a rare circumstance and it’s a thousand percent because of the fans. All I could do is be like “guys, look on Twitter, look on Facebook, look on InstaGram.”  Everyone was asking, “Where’s Inferno? Where’s Inferno? Save the Inferno!” Then they said “It’s been six months, is anyone going to care? Let’s put it on iTunes.” And I’m like, “ No No, No!!…This is a jungle adventure, it’s going to be the most violent film anyone has ever seen. It’s going to be F’d up. It’s way worst than Hostel.”  I need people to watch this in the theaters FREAKING THE “F” OUT!! It was up to like weeks ago that it finally, finally came together, either we do this….or we do not! Everyone kept battling.

Louis Love: And you are multi-talented. You not only direct, but you are a great actor.

Eli Roth: Thank you

Louis Love: What is it about Horror that you always come back to it?

Eli Roth: It’s like what gravitates you to your favorite band, color or your favorite food? I can’t explain it. At home I’m looking at my DVD the-green-inferno-2collection and yah I love Midnight Cowboy and Doctor Zhivago, but if Pieces or Basket Case is on, I’m just going to go to that soft spot I have. Obviously as you get older your taste changes. But if you think about your favorite band, like when you were 11 or 12, they may be a different band but they are on the same vein! It’s not like I was only into Disco, or only into Punk Rock. What I’m saying is that there is a part of you that loves putting on a terrible Horror movie on at one in the morning.  Like I’ll put on Frozen Scream and movies like the Mutilator, stuff that just got passed over.  Basket Case, I think there’s a lot of beauty in these films.

Another thing about horror is that it travels all over the world. You meet horror fans in Brazil, Iceland or China, and everyone is the same, we all have the same movies. No other movies do that, like comedies only play to a certain region. It’s cool when you are in Latin America. You know, I married a Chilean we filmed in Peru.

Louis Love: When people leave the theater after watching The Green Inferno, what would you like them to be thinking?

Eli Roth: I want them shaking like if they just came off a roller coaster! Saying I can’t believe I survived that!! Then they say…. I want to do that again!

Louis Love: My last question, because I love the tagline “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!” I love that! I live by that! Who thought of that slogan for the trailers?

Eli Roth: We talked about a lot of ideas. That was the idea that you try to do something good and it bites you in the Ass. This time they literally get bit in the Ass!

The Green Inferno opens in theaters on September 25, 2015