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Exclusive Interview: David Boreanaz on “Bojack Horseman” and “Bones”

bojack-horseman-exclusive-trailer-debut_bgheI ran into David Boreanaz at Fox’s annual Eco-Casino party to raise money for environmental charities. Of course, Boreanaz attended a Fox party as a representative of the hit show Bones, now going into its 10th season, but I wanted to talk to him about Bojack Horseman.

See, I just binge watched Netflix’s animated series starring Will Arnett as a celebrity horse. They did an episode where, while Bojack was away, his roommate Todd told tourists it was David Boreanaz’s house. @BojackHorseman has even tweeted at Boreanaz to stop sending people over to his house, so I figured he was in on it. Turns out I was the first to let him know. You’re welcome, Bojack Horseman.

Nuke the Fridge: I want to talk about Bojack Horseman. Did they tell you ahead of time they were going to do that bit about David Boreanaz’s house?

David Boreanaz: No, what happened?

Nuke: Are you aware of Bojack Horseman?

David Boreanaz: No.

Nuke: Oh, there’s a Netflix animated series where they pretend his house is your house, and it’s a huge hit!

David Boreanaz: I need clearance. I need clearance on that show. That’s unlawful! He’s done!

Nuke: They had the brilliant idea for Bore-obbleheads too.

David Boreanaz: Oh my God, I love that. That’s fantastic, but yeah, I want my check. Where is he? I’m calling him right now. He’s done. He’s finished. I’m glad you put me onto this. What’s the name of the show?

Nuke: Bojack Horseman.

David Boreanaz: Bojack Horseman. Guess what, I’m gonna show up at his house with a camera crew and a lawyer. He’s done.

Nuke: So you haven’t had any unwanted visitors since that aired?Bones-Season-Six-Cast-Promotional-Images-david-boreanaz-15214385-1200-1600

David Boreanaz: No, no.

Nuke: This isn’t the first time you’ve gone into what might have been the final season of Bones, right?

David Boreanaz: No, I don’t consider it. I consider myself just working, that’s it. Just having fun doing my thing.

Nuke: Does this seem like it might really be the final season though?

David Boreanaz: I never said that and never speculated that it would be.

Nuke: What are you looking forward to going into the 10th season of Bones?

David Boreanaz: Just again the relationship and getting out of prison so I can have some normal food. That would help. No, but I enjoy it thoroughly. I’ve always been the type of person that works very much in the moment and with things that are going on. Other than that, I don’t look past it or behind it.

Nuke: How long has Booth been in prison when we pick up?

David Boreanaz: I’ve been there for a couple months, so we’ve got to get over the conspiracy hump and once we get over that, we’ll be good to roll.

Nuke: Did you enjoy doing any episodes in prison?

David Boreanaz: Yes, I enjoyed them thoroughly. I got to beat up some people and protect myself. It’s definitely a different look as far as the show is concerned, but after episode two we get over that whole conspiracy thing and we’re back to solving crimes.

Nuke: Oh, that fast?

David Boreanaz: Yeah, so by the end of the second episode we have some closure to it.

Check out the trailers for “Bojack Horseman” and “Bones” below!