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1536739605227562864434540706045njpg-8dd48d_1280wBoth Specs and Tucker of the Insidious franchise have become directors themselves. Leigh Whannel is directing the third film, Insidious: Chapter 3, and Angus Sampson directed and starred in another Whannell script, The Mule, out November 21. I got to talk with Sampson about The Mule and he promised us a surprise for the character of tucker when Insidious: Chapter 3 comes around next summer.

“There’s a little surprise with Tucker in this next one,” Sampson said. “I will say that, a little surprise that Leigh has written for him. Nothing out of this world but it was great fun.”

Sampson also confirmed that the third film is a prequel to the previous two.

“I’m sure you know this, this one’s a prequel. It’s kind of an origin story.”

With Whannell making his directorial debut, Sampson confirmed the longtime screenwriting collaborator of James Wan was ready for the job.

“It was interesting because I’ve directed Leigh in a few things now, a few shorts and [The Mule] but I was curious as to how it would be the other way. He, having written it of course as well, I was so impressed with the confidence he has in the material. He’ll smash it.”

See the rest of our Angus Sampson interview, all about The Mule, next week on Nuke the Fridge.