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While I was speaking to Jai Courtney about his new film, the cop drama Felony, I broached the subject of Terminator: Genisys. He plays Kyle Reese, who was previously portrayed on screen by Michael Biehn and Anton Yelchin. Courtney played Jack McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard, but that was basically a new character since he was only a child in any previous on screen appearance.

“It’s not very different,” Courtney assured me. “I think when you’re pushing reset on a movie like we are with Terminator, you can take some given circumstances and fold that into maybe the development of a character. Kyle Reese is still Kyle Reese. He still comes from the same place, but certainly in the way we’re telling this story, there’s room to invent so much more.”

That said, Courtney still respects Yelchin and Biehn’s work, particular Biehn’s original portrayal of the character in The Terminator. “If you go back and watch Terminator 1, sure it might be a good point of reference as far as what the world is, but we’re not hanging onto that movie hoping to recreate the magic on screen there. That’d be a foolish way, I think, to approach anything and unexciting. It’s a constant debate about remakes and these sorts of things and whether there’s a necessity for them. Whilst Terminator isn’t a remake, I think if you’re going in trying to emulate the performance of someone else or take their work and just do that on screen yourself, where’s the artistry in that.”

On the chances of returning to the role of Jack McClane, Courtney actually advises the filmmakers to take their time on another Die Hard, currently rumored to be called Die Hardest. “Well, I hope they hang out a little longer. I think something like that, if they really want to keep it alive, then I don’t think there’s any rush for something like that. Back in the day, four or five years went by without any problem before they resurrected something. Exactly, so I don’t think it would hurt this franchise to give it a couple more years before they did a sixth one. But hey, if I get the call, I’ll be there.”

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Source: Nuke the Fridge