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I have to say, it’s good being a villain.

But I promised you more…didn’t I?  Alright, rise and behold Kryptonian glory!

Huh, that doesn’t seem to glorious does it?  Well, not at first glance, but you need to think like a General, or better yet a Luthor. You see that tan pipe going across the top of the Pic there, well that’s actually the barrel to a Tank!  Better yet, you see the brave soldiers, not all of them are soldiers for one.  And second, the guy looking at the camera on our left….I believe is Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy!

Now this is pretty prominent being if you can recall the previous article I wrote initially about the Base shoot, you’ll recall the footage was of a barricade, with Tanks, looking out towards Superman, Louis, Faora, and a mystery third alien. This pic is of the military force (a fraction of it) gathered on the other side of the barricade.  And what looks like actor Christopher Meloni getting ready to deliver his lines with his assistant (The guy without any military head gear…who I believe is in his 60’s at the least).  The same lines, and scene, included in the previous article.

Here’s a closer look at the pic, sharpened to it’s limit.

Oh dear, I can hear the bellowed unsatisfied cries of mere mortals already, “What about the green screen? What about the other kryptonian lady?  Why are the pictures so blurry?”

I do have answers, and more to share. But where would the fun be in giving away everything in response to criticism and doubt?  Nay, I find playing the villain much too fun.

I will give you this though, the original state of these pictures are from a much farther distance hence why things become pixilated. For example, here’s the first picture I featured in it’s original state before zooming into the actors and cropping.

And I leave you with one juicy tid bit, take note of the yellow/black stripe.  Till next time mortals…

Jurassic Josh



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