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Exclusive: Bruce Boxleitner Talks About TRON 3


Report by Luis Lecca Aka Louis Love

Over the weekend we held our annual fan appreciation celebration we call Nuke the Fridge Con at the Frank and Son Collectible Show in the City of Industry.  Among the many guests in attendance was Tron himself, actor Bruce Boxleitner.  After greeting hundreds of fans, Nuke the Fridge’s own Louis Love had a chance to ask Boxleitner a few quick questions about the status of “Tron 3.” Here is what was discussed.

Louis Love: Can you tell me anything about Tron 3?

Boxleitner: Well.. People are constantly asking me about the next film so the interest is there.  Unfortunately I’m in the dark just like everyone else and I have to answer many questions about the movie’s status. Unfortunately I have no answers.

Louis Love: A few months ago I interviewed Tron Legacy’s director Joseph Kosinski for the release of “Oblivion on Blu-ray.  Although I stuck to only asking questions related to that film we noticed that most of the press could not help but ask “Tron 3” related questions.

Boxleitner: Yeah… That’s who would know the status of the film and if it’s going to happen.  Joseph has the power to get the ball rolling.

Kid’s love “Tronit’s the only live action film my five year-old watches. In fact I think he’s been watching “Tron” since he was two. I hope Disney is taking note.

Even though thirty years have passed since Boxleitner’s first “Tron” adventure. He keeps in shape and looks like he could go a few more cycles on “The Grid.”

Source: Nuke the Fridge