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A self-taught and award winning artist, Robert Aragon is noted for bringing shadows to the forefront of his work, which adds an air of mystery to the subjects of his portraits. Aragon is one of the leading fine art portrait artists in the world. His work is exhibited internationally and is represented and protected by the very prestigious Bridgeman Art Library. Now, for the first time in history, all of Robert’s artwork is showcased in a trading card set which involves all of Aragon’s silver screen favorites.

The kindhearted Aragon is a writer and gifted artist who showed talent from the time he could almost walk. So, this trading card set has been in the making for literally 20 years. Aragon has created works for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Karloff Enterprises, Universal Studios, Lugosi Enterprises, Ray Harryhausen, Warner Bros Studios, The Steve McQueen Estate, and others.

Over time, Aragon has become close to quite a few horror stars and their families. This closeness has helped Aragon clear any licensing obstacles, which would have made the creation of the set difficult or impossible to accomplish. MNS Cards president Mark Abent had this to say.

“This set is unprecedented in the fact we were able to gather so many iconic classic names together… They love his work and the concept of the project.”

Robert Aragon1

Aragon became very close to one particular horror star, Vincent Price. In the early nineties, Robert and Vincent would share artwork with one another. So, it comes as no surprise that a highly limited number of cut signature cards of Vincent Price and original art created by Price will be randomly inserted into the card set by way of a redemption card. (These will have no expiration date.)

Special_Cards (1)

The base set of cards will be made up of 72 cards celebrating some of Robert Aragon’s established works, while many new pieces have been created specifically for the card set. Each box will yield one base set. In addition, there will be three different chase card sets. Each box will contain random cards from each of the following chase sets.

The Faces of Fear: a nine card foil chase set (with different backs.)

Vincent Price – Master of Menace: A nine card chase set, which features puzzle backs.

Gothic Treasures: Six different cards make up this chase set, which is actually made out of wood, yes wood. The back of each card is a piece to a larger puzzle.

Boxes for “The Art of Robert Aragon” trading card set will have randomly inserted autographs from such notables as Bela Lugosi, Jr., Bob Burns, Caren Marsh, Carla Laemmle, George Clayton Johnson (rare,) Jane Adams, Janet Ann Gallow, Julie Adams, Kathy Burns, Ron Chaney, Sara Karloff, and of course, Robert Aragon. Extremely rare Cut Signatures from acclaimed horror actor Vincent Price will be inserted into the boxes as well.


Redemption Cards will be randomly inserted into boxes for a chance to win original art created by Vincent Price and original trading card art drawn by Robert Aragon. Also, signed uncut autograph sheets, lithographs signed by Robert Aragon and Peggy Moran, or Jane Adams and Robert Aragon, uncut sheets of the base and chase cards, and original and complete four, six, and nine sketch card puzzles will be available.


As an added bonus, the actual printing plates used to create the trading card set will be randomly inserted into boxes along with prop cards supplied from Robert Aragon’s private collection featuring:

Frankenstein card

Electric Wire from the set of Universal Pictures’ 1931 classic “Frankenstein” starring Boris Karloff.

Frankenstein card1

“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” Prop Card from Quasimodo’s Wooden Axe used in the 1923 Universal Pictures’ silent film featuring Lon Chaney as the Hunchback.

Frankenstein card4

Frankenstein card3Frankenstein card2

Sketch cards will be randomly seeded into boxes based on the silver screen art of Robert Aragon. Twenty-five different artists have contributed to the set. Some of the artists include: Asleigh Popplewell, Nick Neocleous, Carolyn Edwards, Rich Molinelli, Bryan Tillman, Christiaan Voldstad, Oscar De Anda and Robert Aragon just to name a few.

Inside each case one of three different Canvas Case Toppers, which will be included as an added incentive. This card is made of canvas material and is textured.

Each box will include 2 to 4 random hits per box, from the following: autograph cards, sketch cards, prop cards, cut signature cards, printing plates, and redemption cards. Each box will have a base set of 72 cards with random chase cards from all three chase sets. There will be 200 cases produced with 15 boxes per case.

So, if you’re a horror fan, art enthusiast, or just a collector in general, this set is for you. Older fans will be able to reminisce, while a younger generation can discover what they’ve been missing. For more information or inquiries contact: mnscards@verizon.net and/or www.mnscards.com.

Update: We reported that “The Art of Robert Aragon” would be inducted into the Smithsonian Institution.  This is an error. The correction is, this will be the first trading card set inducted into the Bridgeman Art Library.

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